Empyrium .. a German Dark Folk/Neo Folk and even Symphonic/Doom Metal band ..

Yeah , bands change over the years,

if you’re asking why it’s because the original members perhaps never finish their careers at the band they actually start ..

which is fine, we humans crave change, almost always.

Been listening to this band for over a year now, great stuff,

I mean, as an Acoustic Black Metal enthusiast, this is the kinda music I would love to make in the future.

when I acquire enough skill, and who knows, maybe i’ll join a similar band..

But I can see why this band was and still great, it’s one word .. "Harmony" ,

Empyrium didn’t just do what other european metal bands did in the greatest era of metal ( The 90’s )

they didn’t stick to the electric/acoustic guitars or keyboards .. They had it all !!

they used flutes, violins, cellos, etc.. even different kind of vocals.

And they had it right, all the way, not all the songs are great of course .

But you can sense that "Harmony" even in the "not so popular" songs .

Those clean tones whisper in your ear just like a sad bird,

Even when going from genre to another.

they kept the soul of the band..

So I encourage anyone to listen to this band whenever they have the chance..



Hi, I am ‘Oussama’, a Game Developer & Guitarist from Tunisia .

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