Game Development Mistakes

Ou SaMa
3 min readMay 9, 2022

Hi, Fellow Game Developers,

Today, I want to talk to you about some of the mistakes we ‘Gamedevs’ tend to make specially when we’re still new,
and some of these mistakes might have been replicated even at a higher level.
So first mistake to avoid “ DON’T JUDGE YOUR GAME’, but i think you’ve already knew that.

So let’s start,

The first actual mistake people tend to do when they think about making games is that they wait too much!!
They keep waiting until they’re ready!

The truth is no one of us is ever fully ready, that’s something not everyone tells you, you can’t wait until you have a good
computer or software, or any other thing, just start working with what you have until what you have pays for what you want,
on the other hand, some actually start, but they don’t finish,
they work on something for sometime then they just quit because it wasn’t really a passion for them.

Some others say ‘I Have Another Idea’ and start over on something else, and keep on doing that forever but never actually deploy anything.

Another hole we tend to jump on as beginners is thinking about making a really big game,
like the ones that takes teams of hundreds or thousands to make, or chasing the trends, which is something only companies can make, not individuals!
yet we’re so stubborn and actually think we can do that !!

So let’s get to the mistakes we make when we’re actually making a game on a consistent basis.

There’s a lot you know, not planning what we’re going to do is definitely a redundant mistake, over-planning it too,

Also there’s some people who try to release a full game before finishing it, but there’s something for that ( it’s called Early Access! ).

Not making a prototype is also a big mistake people fall into, a prototype is definitely required when you’re experimenting
with different mechanics, mixing and matching,etc..

Not having a clear vision is another downfall too,
that might lead to some more common mistakes like poor/non consistent design choices,feature frenzy, etc..

There’s also some idealistic mistakes we do always, like trying to make the perfect game, making a game for yourself only,
or thinking about making it for everyone, which nobody that ever lived ever done that.

also did i mention being too secretive ? yeah, nobody’s gonna steal your game idea if you’re unknown.
so there’s that.

There’s still plenty of other mistakes that many of us make so here’s some :

Trying to make an engine when your goal is to make the game.
Thinking about polishing too early.
Focusing on realism over gameplay.
Not caring about user experience.
Not thinking about a marketing strategy or tactics.
Code Mismanagement.
Trying to set deadlines early in the project life.
Not getting feedback from different kind of gamers.
Not playtesting enough.

one last thing before we finish here, it’s ok if you’ve made some of them because you’ll probably will,
so just keep on.

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Thank You For Reading..

-” Oussama Khazri”-



Ou SaMa

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