Game development Tools

For Every Beginner Game Developper out there who’s struggling to find
“Gamedev” Software & Tools that suits his needs

here’s some good tools that might help you :

— Most Used Game Engines For Indie Game Development —

Unity 3D (Free)
Unreal Engine 4 (Free)
Godot Engine (Free)
BuildBox (Free)
Armory (Free)
Defold (Free)

GameMaker Studio
Construct 3
RPG Maker
Cocos 2d-x

Stencyl (Flash Games)

— Sound Design & Music —

Audacity (Free)
ocenaudio (Free)
AudioTool (Free)
Waveform (Free)
Surge (Free)

Bosca Ceoil (8 bit music) (free)

Logic Pro (Mac)

Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Wavelab
Magix Music Maker
Ableton Live
Adobe Audition
Fl Studio

— Art —

Gimp (Free) (2D)
Inkscape (Free) (2D)
Photoscape X (Free)

PiscelApp (Web) (Pixel Art)
Pixie (Pixel Art) (Free)
Pixlr (Pixel Art) (Free)

Aseprite (Pixel Art)

Adobe Photoshop (2D)
Adobe Illustrator (2d Vector)

CorelPaint (2D)
PaintShop Pro (2D)

Affinity Designer (Mac)
Sketch (Design Toolkit) (Mac)

CorelDraw (2D)

Canva (Mobile)
Snapseed (Mobile)

Blender (Free) (3D Modeling) (3D Animation)
Sketchup (3D Modeling) (Free)

Autodesk Maya (3D Modeling) (3D Animation)

Substance Painter (3D Painting Tool)
Substance Designer (Materials & Textures)
3D-Coat (Texturing Software)
Mixamo (3D Animation) (Web) (Free)

Adobe Animate (2D Animation)
Cartoon Animator (Animation)

Animaker (2D & 2.5D Animation) (Free)

— Coding Languages —


— Extra Tools —

OBS Studio (Screen Record/Capture)
Share X (Screen Capture)

Adobe Premiere (Video Editing)

Openshot (Video Editing) (Free)
Avidemux (Video Editing) (Free)

Gifted Motion (GIF Maker)
Photoscape (GIF Maker)

Trello (Project Management Software) (Free)
FreeMind (Mind Mapping Software) (Free)

Google Drive (File Sharing)
Dropbox (File Sharing)

Slack (Chat App For Teams)

Evernote (Notes App)

Scrivener (Writing Tool)

— Assets Websites (Free & Paid) — (Free & Paid) (2d & 3d) (Unity) (free & paid) (account needed) (Free & Paid) (2d & 3d) (free) (free & paid) (free & paid) (account needed) (free) (3d & 2d) (free) (free & paid) (2d & 3d & pixel art) (Free & Paid) (Animate Blender Models) (Backgrounds) (3d Models) (free & paid) (2d & 3D)

Glitch — (2d) (free)
Crateboy — (2d) ‘free)
Gameart2d — (2d) (free & paid)
Dumbmanex — (2d , sprite animations ) (free)
Openclipart — (2d) (free)
Craftpix — (2d) (free & paid)
Supergameasset — (2d) (free & paid)
mobilegamegraphics — (2d) (free & paid)
freegameassets — (2d) (free) (Pixel Art) (free & paid) (RPG) (Icons Specially) (free & paid) (2d gothicvania pixelart) (sfx) (free & paid ) (PNG /SVG / ClipArt) (free) (Icons) (reddit /free) (free account) (15 Downloads Per Day) (textures) (Free) (Patterns/Textures) (Free & Paid) (Casual Games) (Backgrounds / Icons ) (Some Are Free) (you can request assets) (Free & Paid) (2D & 3d) (Unreal Engine) (Free & Paid) (3d) (free) (Cars Models) (free) (Space Models) (free) (adobe) (cinema 4d tutorials) (Pixel Art) (free) (sketchup specially ) (free) (sketchup/blender/etc..) (account needed) (free) (office furniture) (Free) (Furniture/House Models) (account needed)

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Hi, I am ‘Oussama’, a Game Developer & Guitarist from Tunisia .

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Ou SaMa

Hi, I am ‘Oussama’, a Game Developer & Guitarist from Tunisia .