‘You Are Blue’ Updates (1)

Ou SaMa
2 min readMay 5, 2023


So it’s been sometime i didn’t talk about ‘You Are Blue’ (1.0) , and this is why :

First of all i’ve spent the last 3 months playing & researching puzzle games, watching games analysis,
learning about them what i can, also researched physical puzzles and designers and frankly almost everything related
to puzzles and to games played on grids also, also read a lot of articles,
and i was taking notes as much as i can.

And i’ve been learning a lot about ‘Systemic Game Design’ because it appears that ‘You Are Blue’ needs to be systemic as fuck!
in order to have great puzzles, (i’ll talk about that in depth in future talks).

So i was doing this mainly to know what’s the game is going to be about (Mechanically),
because conceptually I knew what i wanted from it and the problem was how to make those ideas into mechanics and make them
fun and engaging, and i think i can say now i’ve found a lot of answers for my design questions ( not all of them of course ),

i’ve also generated about 72 puzzle systems that might make their way to the game
( inspired from everything i’ve researched including movies or anything else!)
and now, of course i don’t need all those !!
i might need about 10 or so,

i’ve went in depth in a lot of them, but now the task is to narrow down these systems and expand as much as I can from the others,
so it can be all coherent and serve the ideas of the game.

i don’t expect to find all my design answers early, but I know now exactly where I am heading now, and it’s time to put these ideas
into actual code, which is a harder task frankly, but i will give it my best !

Last thing, i might need the help of a writer to write a decent story, but that’s not a today’s problem.

Anyway, next time i will talk more about puzzle design and why those systems need to exist.



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